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20 Reasons for Hyderabad to be ‘an adorable city’

Things to do in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the capital city of state Telangana in India and it is s major technological advancement hub that is located on the banks of river Musi. The city is founded by Qutub Shah sultanate of the Golconda and best known for its attractiveness and prosperity. Earlier this city was known as Bhagyanagar after the queen Bhagmati of ruler Qutub Shah.

Hyderabad is a city that is equally famous for its marvelous architecture and its best food as well, with the presence of a food corner at every small location. Byword Hyderabad people quickly navigate their mind towards Charminar and Hyderabadi Biryani and both of them are the classic examples of the feel in their respective category. Hyderabad is a city of Palaces and ancient Forts which are fine examples of the rich heritage and culture of India. The city is also known as ‘The City of Nawabs’ and ‘Pearl City’ and in modern times it is a hub for IT sector ventures which makes it a pillar in the development of the nation.

Why Hyderabad is Famous for:

Hyderabad or Bhagyanagar is an enticing city with old age Indo Islamic culture and traditions imbibed in it with a mixture of advanced edge IT sectors beaming as an important asset to the nation. It has lots of architectural masterpieces in the form of monuments, forts, and Palaces with different modern-day Resorts which Hyderabad a must-visit tourist destination in India. Thriving since the rule of Nizams, Hyderabad is mainly famous for Charminar and Hyderabadi Biryani.

The city has something for everyone as it houses beautiful architecture to multi-story buildings, Ancient and natural water storage systems to modern-day artificial lakes, Adventure to Picnic spots, and religious institutions for all major religions across India. Hyderabad is also important strategically for the nation as basic training for Officers in India Airforce is conducted here in Air Force Academy, and also city has many other prestigious organizations like HAL, DRDO, BEL, CISF Officers Academy NISA, etc.

How to Reach Hyderabad :

Hyderabad city is an old and well-flourushed city with state administration headquartered here in the city as the capital of the state. It is connected with the rest of India through all available means and same time international destinations are well within reach from the city. You can reach Hyderabad by taking any convenient mode of transport as it has superb connectivity by all three means that is a road, train, and flights.

By Road to Hyderabad :

Hyderabad has an excellent web of the network in and outside of the city which connects it with the other major cities of India like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and Kolkata. MMTS Bus stand at Hyderabad is World’s largest bus terminal and it operated direct bus service from Hyderabad to Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune on a daily basis. you can easily find Luxury and Semi Luxury buses running from the city to other metro cities frequently with excellent road conditions.

Routes to approach Hyderabad:

from Mumbai to Hyderabad via Pune- Sholapur (710 Km)

from Goa to Hyderabad via Bagalkot- Yadgir (667Km)

from Bangluru to Hyderabad via Anantpur-Kurnool (570Km)

from Chennai to Hyderabad via Nellore- Ongole (630Km)

By Train to Hyderabad

                     Hyderabad city has an excellent network of train connectivity with frequent express trains to major metropolitan cities of India. It has three railway stations Hyderabad, Secunderabad, and Kachiguda out of which Secunderabad is a Railway Junction from where the majority of train operations to the rest of India take place. The railway station has further connectivity with state transport buses to the intercity and interstate travel and Hyderabad Airport is just 30 Km from Secunderabad Railway Junction.

✈✈By Flight to Hyderabad

                    Hyderabad has its own Airport which is known as Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and both domestic and international flights operated from this Airport. International destinations like Hongkong, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, and Malaysia are connected by air with this airport and it is one of the busiest airports in India. As far as domestic connectivity is concerned it has connected all prime destinations in India like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Kolkata with continuous flight operations from all operators like Air India, Indigo, Spice jet, Air Asia, etc. Flight schedules are subjected to change, so it is better to check prior to boarding the flight.

Best time to visit Hyderabad:-

          The best time to spend your precious time in Hyderabad is November to February which is Winter Season. But in actual, there is no winter but a moderate temperature decrease and charm of the city is precious in this season. Temperature lies between 20 to 30 Degree during this time. 

Mid-March to June which is Summer Season and the temperature rises here up to 40 degrees or more which can cause discomfort in exploring the beauty of the city. Humidity also plays an obstacle for tourists during this season and if possible evening and early morning hours to be used for tourism if it feels so.

June to Mid September is the ‘Monsoon time‘ which is recommended to visit the city If you are an adventure lover and also want to enjoy the natural beauty of hills and Parks in the city. Monsoon can be a problem in visiting monuments and other marketing stuff but it is favorable for adventure sports and nature lovers.

Time to spend in Hyderabad:-

               The time required to move in and around Hyderabad is a minimum of 4 days if you really want to explore the city in detail that also with full-day roaming in the city. So if want to enjoy the city then at least 7 days you must have with you.

Things to do in Hyderabad:-

Charminar :

Hyderabad is famous for Charminar which is an excellent reflection of the Indo-Islamic style of architecture with the blend of beauty and strength. The structure is proudly standing near the bank of river Musi with a sense of pride to the nation.  This marvelous architecture has in total four gateways but two are temporarily closed now while two are open with the upper floor having little space to enjoy the surrounding.

CharMinar at Hyderabad

There are some theories believed by locals, and according to its first theory, this building was made to venerate the end of disease Plague while according to the Second Theory, it was built in the wake of beginning of second Islamic Millennium. It was built by Mohammad Quli Qutub Shahi in 1591. It has some important tourist points in close vicinity like Laad Bazaar, Chomahala Palace and Mecca Masjid.

Chowmahala Palace :

This literally means four palaces in Hindi or Urdu, it is an 18th-century marvelous structure that attracts visitors towards it with its smooth and utter shiny marble tiled flooring. It is spread over an area of 40 acres with mainly two courtyards and a number of gardens enhancing the charisma of the palace. Palace is believed to be the seat of the Asaf Juhi Dynasty once and was the main residence of Nawab of Hyderabad. Palace is believed to be inspired by Shan Iran Palace situated in Tehran, Iran.

Mecca Masjid :

Another example of fine architecture and beauty, Mecca Masjid is sited just nearby to the iconic Charminar building. Construction of this magnificent example of the structure completed in 1694 by Aurangzeb after 77 years of its start and bricks used to build the structure are made from the soil of the holy city of Mecca. This Masjid has a large space to gather devotes offering Namaz as it is the centre of devotion to the Islamic community but in spite of this fact, Mecca Masjid is visited by visitors from all the religions. This Masjid is one of the oldest and largest Masjids in India and protected by the government as a heritage site.

Golconda Fort :

Golconda Fort is a perfect example of how much old kingdoms were aware of security that acoustic marble used to warn the throne holder in advance in case of any attack from the enemy. The Fort is designed in such a way that a clap sound made under the entrance can be easily heard at the Pavilion where the throne is seated and at a distance of km or more from the entrance on a height. 

Golconda Fort at Hyderabad

Golconda Fort served as a capital and seat for the throne during the Kakatiya dynasty in 14th to 16th centuries. If you are a history lover and have a keen interest in exploring the beauty of old tradition and culture, then visit Golconda Fort will surely give you a pleasant experience.

Salar Jung Museum :

this museum is famous for an astonishing fact that it is the largest antique collection that is in possession of a single man and the collection was undertaken by Nawab Mir Yusuf Ali Khan Salar Jung III. Museum is a major tourist attraction with storage of fabulous collections for history and cultural lovers. Salar Jung Museum is a never miss out location if you have keen interest in exploring India’s old and flourished culture.

Museum has a great collection Manuscripts, books, artifacts , precious metals, other beautiful ancient antiques. Museum also has great collection for miniature painting lovers to praise the beauty of fineness by painters with such a delicate and perfect work.

Health Museum :

The health museum in Hyderabad was built in 1948 and it has a classical fine architecture which makes it a perfect tourist destination for both culture lovers as well as for the medical professionals. It also houses a great library in which you can find and sharpen your knowledge about any medical subject and in addition lectures are being organized on a frequent basis by higher authorities in the library itself.

Health museum has two sections- one for Motherhood and Childbirth while another one is dedicated to Nutrition and health issues. You can visit and enhance knowledge by visuals as educational movies telecast every Wednesday and Saturday here at the museum.

MM Birla Science Museum :

As the name reflects, it is a science museum that means it has a lot of things to gain knowledge for every age group. It is a key attraction and ultimate place to spent time with the family as a whole. Museum has a display dating back to 2nd century AD, with something for everyone to enjoy and explore.

It also houses Birla planetarium which started functioning in 1985 and Museum holds a one-day Astronomy camp, which can be a great learning experience for all especially for kids and Cosmic presentation the best one. Visiting Observatory housed inside the premises will definitely give you a pleasant feeling after having a watch over stars with the hi-tech telescopes.

Museum keeps organizing a science exhibition which opens the mind about the various possibilities in the area of science and brainchild of kids, if lucky you can get exposure to science exhibitions. The museum is located 25 Km from the Airport and can be very well reached using public transport available all the time.

Birla Mandir :

Made by Swami Ranganathanda from Ramakrishna Mission with Lord Vishnu as the chief deity, Birla mandir is an example of marvelous resembling Rajasthani, Dravidian and Uttkala architecture with granite stone used in building. Temple is located on a hilltop and carved with an ancient architectural design which makes it splendid and different from the other temples. Birla Mandir is a major tourist attraction in the city especially among the visitor seeking the blessing of Lord Vishnu. Temple has Lord Venkateshwara and Padmawati as minor deities along with chief deity in different shrines in the same temple compound.

Jagannath Temple :

This temple is a major tourist destination for the devotees of Lord Jagannath and built on the same pattern as of temple in Puri. Temple is an example of fine modern architecture with its Peak glorifies it further as a wonder. You can be a part of great Rath Yatra which is an annual festival in which Chief deity is taken out for procession in the city. This temple has sacred importance for Devotees from the Hindu religion as they believe chief deity to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.


ISKON stands for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness and it is one of the largest religious organizations with an aim to promote values and beliefs based on Bhagavad Gita. It was founded in 1966 by Swami Prabhupada in New York, USA and at present, it has its presence in every continent of the world. ISKON is famous for its spirituality and beliefs with Lord Krishna as the chief deity. Temple at Hyderabad has excellent structure with lots of fountains which makes it more spontaneous and magnificent in design. Temple is situated at a distance of 28 Km from the airport and remains closed from 1-4 PM & 9.00 PM- 4.30 AM.

Chiklur Balaji Temple :

This temple is also known as Visa Balaji temple because of a fun fact that locals believe by visiting here will get you visa clearance. So the number of visitors who have applied for a visa, visits here to this temple and offer their prayer and take blessings from Balaji. Temple is situated very close to Osman Sagar Lake and built with great designing making it a never miss out destination for the visitor visiting Hyderabad. Temple also organizes lectures and meets on devotional aspects and various types of Aarti performed daily in the complex.

Hussain Sagar Lake :

It is an artificial manmade lake which once used to be a source of water supply to the city and now It is home to sailing and boating activities. This lake was built in 1562 across the tributary of the Musi River and covers an area of 5.7 Km. It was made by Hazra Hussain Sah Wali and at present, it divides the city into Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Lake has an 18m tall statue of Buddha stationed at the center of the lake which enhances the beauty of the lake further. Apart from Buddha statue, the lake has another attraction which is a 3km long dam known as Tank Bund. Various activities like sailing, boating and Lunch Ride-on boat are undertaken in the lake with authority from the Department of Tourism.

According to the UN, this lake is the most wonderful heart-shaped lake in the world and also the largest heart-shaped attraction. Lake is a perfect destination for a picnic with family and it can be best explored in the evening hours from 5-7 PM.  The monsoon season from Nov to Feb is best to visit the lake and enjoy its beauty with clear weather.

Durgaom Cheravu :

This is a natural lake in an area of 63 acres and at a distance of 15Km from the city. It is also known as Secret Lake because of its location, as it is situated between the jubilee hills and Madhopur hills, so not visible from the far. It was earlier acting as a source of water supply to the people residing in the fort of Golconda.

As this lake is at a distance and away from the noise, pollution, crowd of the city which makes it a perfect picnic spot to relax for time being with the family. Lake also has a floating fountain and artificial waterfall adding to its beauty with activities such as boating, fishing undertaken in the lake.

Osman Sagar Lake:

It is a non-natural lake covering an area of 45 square Km and located at the outer reaches of the city locally known as Gandipet. Lake is a perfect picnic spot with lots of fun activities conducted here at the lake.

Snow World

If you are visiting Hyderabad and find yourself uncomfortable with the rising temperature than the snow world can be a destination where you can get a feel of chilling cold weather like the Himalayas. It is a place where artificial snow is produced with the help of modern technology resembling original snow and many ice-related things like ice sculptures, Snow Mountains and ice hotel is designed in it.

Temperature is controlled up to -5 degree a step by step approach to expose visitors to such a low temperature. You will be issued clothing at the entrance to make yourself comfortable and ready to enjoy low-temperature weather inside.

Water Park

Hyderabad city has many water and amusement parks in the city premises to enjoy in the summer season with water-related activities and to enjoy with family on weekends. Popular among them are Jalvihar water park, Ocean Park, Mount Opera, and a water park chain Wonderla.

Nehru Zoological Park

Established in 1959, Nehru Zoological Park is a must-visit place for you if want to have a feel of nature and its closeness with the ecosystem. Park is stretched over 380 acres and contains some 180 or more species in it which makes it a must-visit place in Hyderabad.

Situated amidst the nature with an abundance of wildlife flora and fauna will surely give you a smooth experience and also it will be an interesting experience away from the concrete web of the city for you. You can get a glimpse of Indian Rhino, Panther, Elephant and Bengal Tiger and enjoy the Jungle Safari organized by the authorities which will be an adventure cum thrilling experience.

The best part of this park is that all the species are kept in zoological order and like an open enclosure to let them feel like their natural habitat. In addition to Jungle Safari, you can enjoy Boating at Mir Alam lake and a train ride on the premises. Park remains open from 08.30 AM – 05.00 PM  and entry fees are very nominal @ 50 Rs for adults while @ 30 Rs for kids.

KBR National Park

Which is also known as Chiran Fort or Chiran Palace, Park is to be found atop jubilee hills which adds into its magnificence for the nature lovers. Established in 1998 after the name of Sh Kasu Brahmanada Reddy, it is home to a much scarce class of animals and stretched up to an area of 390 acres.

Chiran Palace is inside its premises but the entry gate is different from that of National Park, which can be a destination for refreshment with an open environment and close to nature. This park is well maintained by the Forest Department and you can best visit the park in the months of July to September and November to February.

Murgawain National Park

National Park is located in the Chiklur area with a stretch of 700 acres containing around 680 types of flora and fauna in it. You can have a glimpse of Rat snake, Cat, Deer, and Cheetal during your visit to this park and the beauty of the park can be best viewed from the small hill located in the park itself. Museum in the park proved itself another refreshing point with immense knowledge for the seekers.

Ramoji Film City

Ramoji film city is an ultimate destination for you and your family to enjoy if you want to take a break from the continuously watching spectacular architecture of the city. It is a full day amusement for all irrespective of their age group, as it houses adventurous activities besides the film studios inside the premises.

Founded by Ramoji Rao in 1991 and spread over 2250 acres with inbuilt hotels and amusement parks makes it a must-visit place for every visitor. It also houses the world’s largest film studio complex where at a time more than 20 units can operate and shoot their projects.

You will be welcomed at the entrance with transport which will give you feel of London buses, followed by landing at the town which more or less resembles Texas. You will be exposed to different tunnels and studios during your ride which will surely give you Goosebumps.

Film city remains open from 0900 AM to 0500 PM all day in the week with a ticket of Rs 1150 for adults and 950 for kids. October to February i.e Winter season is the best time to visit here, as the temperature drops to a comfortable level in the daytime during this season in the city.

Runway 9

Runway 9 is another destination for people who love to undertake adventurous activities. Stretched up to an area of 5 acres, it provides you with a striking experience of fun and amusement. Various activities like Rock climbing, Roller skating, Laser Combat, Trampoline, and many others make it a perfect destination for outing and offbeat experience.

Great Hyderabad Adventurous Club

Home to magnificent culture, food, and architecture with booming modern-day technology hub, Hyderabad also provides adventurous activities to be undertaken by lovers. Presence of many hilltops, lakes, and Forts in the city, it provides you an opportunity to undertake Rock climbing, Trekking, Paragliding, Parasailing, white water rafting, and boating, etc through this club which is an authorized club by State authorities.

Marketing in Hyderabad

Exploring local markets during your visit must be included in your checklist as you will be exposed to various cultures, languages, religions, and people in the market only. Hyderabad has a lot of options for shopping starting from various giant malls to Laad Bazar which is famous for Bangles. Laad Bazaar is situated in close vicinity of Char Minar and Mecca Majid, so you can explore all things at one go. Laad Bazar is being operated since old times of Nizams and you can find precious stones and Perls in the market as well.

Places to reside in Hyderabad

         You will not find any difficulty in choosing your stay during the trip to Hyderabad as this spectacular city has hotels starting from Budget one to Deluxe and Five Star ranking. It is advisable to book your stay from where the destination can be best explored and you should not have any problem commuting. Additionally, you must go through some tips to book your hotel and to be safe during the trip.

There are enough options available for you to reside while planning a trip to Hyderabad and you can book your stay here. Hyderabad has enough options to reside and you can book cheap hotels online or offline while payments can be done through all available methods of Plastic money like Credit cards and others. There are many deluxe and luxury hotels also available in close proximity of where you can choose your stay.

Services Available in Hyderabad :

Mobile network                                          YES

Bank/ATM                                                  YES         

Hospital                                                      YES

Pharmacy/Medicals                                    YES

Restaurants                                                YES

Bars                                                            YES

Automobile/Vehicle Repair                         YES

Courier facility                                             YES

Massage & Spa plus Saloons.            YES

Police Station                                              YES

Its time to eat in Hyderabad

When you are in Hyderabad “the city of Nizams”, you must not miss authentic Hyderabadi Biryani which you can find easily in maximum hotels. Also, you must try other local foods prepared by them which can be inquired about from the locals to explore their culture and tradition. Also, food is a way to have strong bonding among peoples, so you can exploit that option to bring some authenticity to your taste of culture with Hyderabadi flavor.

Nearby destinations:

Ajanta & Ellora Caves 495 Km

Hampi  375 Km

Araku Valley 470 Km

 Horsley Hills  540 Km

Panchghani  570 Km

😃😃Worth to mention (please note):-

Don’t throw Plastic and spoil the beauty of the station

Please left this beauty for our next generation to enjoy as well

Carry sufficient Cash in hand which will save you from some situations where no card facility exists (although maximum hotels have card facility)

Try to taste local foods wherever you go

Be polite with serving staff

If time and your will permit please help locals to collect garbage thrown over there by visitors like us so that we can think to plan the same destination again

💘💘At the end don’t forget

To take your Camera + addition batteries + memory cards to allow you to capture memorable moments forever without any glitches.

Wherever need please hire local guides

Try to enjoy the time there and don’t just keep clicking images unnecessary.

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