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6 Simple Trekking Tips to make it momentous

Things to carry in Trekking with you

Trekking in itself means a lot of adventure and enjoyment and if you can simply follow some trekking tips going to be discussed in this blog, it will definitely make you enjoy the trek. But to enjoy the trekking you should be physically and mentally prepared for the toughness and undulating terrain.

Trekking is a group activity and should not be undertaken solo because the group proves effective when tackling the rough patches of land with sharp boulders and rocky mountains. Trekking can be made more adventurous as well as effortless if you are in possession of some of the must-have items with you during the trek, and we should discuss these to make your future trekking trips momentous.


The first and foremost requirement and trekking tips are to include a good Backpack on the list. If you are planning for a trek then you must have a good quality backpack with you. Because the backpack is the one who will be your true partner during the trip in a true sense. It is going to hold all your belongings and accessories in it by providing you a safe and restriction-free movement. It is advisable that you must have the best quality backpack of a minimum of 60 liters and the material of the backpack must be strong enough to hold all the weight easily.

⇔ Check out for the stitching of your backpack because loose stitching will be torn and create hurdles in trekking.

⇔ The Backpack stripes must be checked for its strength whether it can  hold the weight or not

⇔ The backpack must have good quality cushioning effect when holding to your back.

⇔ The Backpack must have Extra spacing in the bag which can accommodate small accessories, can be easily fetched when required.

⇔ It must have good quality Side Water bottle holder to make you comfortable in trekking.

⇔ A normal backpack is different from the trekking backpack because the requirement is different for both.

⇔ The backpack can be purchased on rent as well if you are an occasional trek lover and not a frequent one.


Clothing plays a pivotal role in making your trekking effortless and enjoyable. It the clothing you are wearing is comfortable and doesn’t restrict any movement of your body, surely you are going to enjoy your trek. Clothing for trekking may include Track pants, T-shirts, Jackets, Sunglasses, Thermals, warm clothing, Hand Gloves, knee protector, Cap, Socks, vests, and shoes. Small but simple tips to choose your clothing are worth considering:

⇔ The clothing you are going to choose must protect you from all types of weather during trekking.

⇔ Movement of your all body parts must be free after wearing any clothing.

⇔ Clothing you wear must not be too tight or loose.

⇔ The fabric of the clothing must be chosen meticulously because exposure to the same weather can cause you discomfort.

⇔ Most of us assume sports shoes are perfect for trekking and usually go away on trekking with those shoes only but mind it Shoes for trekking are different from sports shoes.

⇔ If you are regular trekkers than I must recommend you to buy all the clothing accessories, but if you are occasional trekkers than you can go for Rent option as well.

⇔ Sunglasses must protect your eyes as the sun shines brighter at high altitude than the plain ground.

Toiletry Items:

Generally, we tend to underrate these simple things which can be helpful and that’s why listed in these trekking tips. Going for a long trekking expeditions, that means it is highly possible that you are not going to get enough facilities for day to day routine. So you must start your trekking with some basic toiletry items well-packed with you. Some of the items may include small soap, sanitizer, hair oil, Sunscreen lotion, deodorant, toothpaste and brush, water bottle, etc.

Trekking Gear:

These are the accessories that will help you to fathom heights and undulating terrain with steep curves and boulders. Also, these small but helpful tools will help you in your stay during trek making you more comfortable. Because it is least expected that you will get any concrete roof for your night stay en route the trip, so better go fully equipped.

Some of the common trekking gears include Tents, Sleeping Bag, Rain poncho, Groundsheet, Stick, Inflatable pillow, some kitchen items, and if not all than spoon is a must, foldable and light mattress, Rope, Swiss Knife, Torch, Lighter. Some accessories you may not require at all for one or two days trekking, but if you are planning for long then it becomes necessary to carry all these with you.

⇔ The size of the trekking tent depends on your group size, personal privacy, and safety.

⇔ Sleeping bag must withstand the temperature you are going to expose to during your trek.

Travel Medical Kit

It is a small and easily accessible box or pouch containing all the basic medicines in it like for Cold, Fever, Headache, etc. Your medical kit must contain all the necessary medicines if you are undergoing any treatment at present. Kit must be easily accessed by you when any emergency arises and you should contact a medical professional as early as possible if don’t get any relief. Further, all the details about what all medicines to carry with you can be checked by visiting another blog on Travel Medical Kit.


You must be in possession of the identity-related documents like Aadhar Card, Driving License, and Voter registration card. If you are allergic to any medicine or anything than concerned documents must be attached to it. You must also include documents of medical treatment if undergoing presently, emergency contact details of the doctor with Blood Group.

These simple Trekking tips can help you in making your trip thrilling and at the same time, it can be a saviour for one in an emergency. If your trekking goes well after reading and if really these trekking tips helped you, that means the reason for me to write here is somewhat worthy. For a safety point of view, you can get more insight about trekking tips and general travel through a blog on Important travel safety tips.

Enjoy your Trekking, Good Luck

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