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8 Minimalist Things to carry on a Trip – basic tips

8 Essential Things to carry on a Trip

Planning a trip to a memorable destination is always an exciting thing, is it not? There are some important things to carry on a trip to make it more beautiful and strain-free. People generally use to plan in a hurry maybe because of the paucity of time or some other reasons but the thing goes like this only which results in just passing in place of enjoying the days on the trip.

Dont miss any Things to carry on trip
Dont miss any important Thing to carry on Trip

The trip can be planned solo, with family or friends but at some point, you must cross-check and tick right before doing so. Things I am going to discuss with you in this blog may seem trivial to you, but I must assure you that Giving required attention and carrying the trip may end up saving you and time while allowing you to explore the destination to the fullest. So let’s start with the quite known and very common but highly underrated article:


Attire or clothing carries maximum weightage in the things to carry on a trip because everybody wants to look different from the others. While packing up for a trip, we may pack lots of clothes for having memorable selfies or pictures which is not at all bad. But these requirements for clothing are secondary while the prime one is to be comfortable during travel. While packing we must give attention to comfort and our body should not feel any restriction in any type of move.

Say for example if planning to enjoy the snow in snow-capped mountains than its better to carry warm clothes along. But if the coat and jackets can be replaced with a warm inner than it will be great to have fun there. Clothing of Stretchable material must be included in your bag and also try to pack very minimum clothing as it will reduce weight you are going to carry in addition in event of shortage you can purchase from anywhere.

Travel Medical Kit:

When I was on a Bike Trip to Spiti Valley with my friends we encountered a situation in which one of my friends got a breathing problem because of higher altitude. As we had a discussion with other bikers earlier so were carrying medicine to treat the altitude sickness and thankfully we got saved. That is the reason I must say, carrying a small medical kit is most important out of the things to carry on a trip.

R U carrying me or not ?

It is the most important requirement to which we generally give less attention, moreover small Travel Medical Kit does not weight too much for you to carry. Because we never think of getting medically ill during our memorable timing but we can and it may happen to find a medical shop difficult.

So it is highly recommended that you must have a Travel Medical Kit with you in your travel medical kit like for headache, stomach ache, fever, cold and flu, loose motion, vomiting, anti-acid, and general pain killer. If you are having some allergies than medicine for the same may be carried along. As small medical conditions may cause discomfort and time wastage to you and in those awkward situations these common medicines can rescue you. And if you are traveling somewhere with kids or oldies than a medical kit is a must-have item with the addition of medicines in it.


Good pair of shoes act as a feet savior in case of trekking, monsoon expedition, biking or any other outdoor exploration. I am mentioning this point as I personally felt the importance of good shoes during the failure of my shoes while we were on another Bike trip to Himalayan mountains.  My shoes gave me surprise by failing just within 48 hours of start and that also in snow-laden mountains.

So putting a good quality shoe will definitely cost you some extra for once, but it will surely repay you in terms of comfort level and usage period. Additionally carrying slippers will be useful while traveling plus your stay in hotels during usage of the bathroom. As you will not be provided slippers anywhere and it becomes quite useful when you are planning to enjoy the Beach or Waterfall. Visiting religious places demands to remove shoes before entering to the main shrine and so carrying slippers can be fruitful here as well.


Creams or lotion and that also in travel, it sounds funny to someone but actually creams are very useful in travel with respect to many circumstances. Insect repellant cream becomes useful when you have a plan to enjoy wildlife, camping or other such outdoor expeditions. Mosquitoes are the deadliest and easily available in all locations so you must have something with you all time to repel them and thanks to mosquito repellant creams.

On the other side, lotions like moisturizer and sunscreen prove to be best while you are enjoying Beaches, Higher altitude terrain where you are exposed to extreme weather. You may find some airports or airlines which will not allow you to carry these creams onboard, but surely you can find them anywhere in a grocery shop. So as and when you land at your destination, do make sure to fetch the same from the nearest grocery shop at the earliest.

Sufficient Liquid:

Think of a long walk/ trekking or exploration of wildlife and you will find the importance of liquid for life. When we travel, we generally tend to skip this essential portion of our diet but It is very important for you to be fully aware of it. Anyhow consuming liquid food will not cause a problem medically, and in addition, it will save you from serious issues that may generate in your body due to loss of liquid. Liquid makes a special room for self in things to carry on a trip because of the importance in terms of health.

While on a trip you may be walking, biking, trekking under extreme conditions for long hours and it can very easily cause you dehydration. Dehydration can affect muscle and brain functioning and you can end up in the loss of senses or extreme condition to it. It is advised that sufficient water content must be kept all time during the trip and if not possible then a substitute for the same like glucose/electoral powder must be kept ready to consume.

Smartphone accessories:

In the present modern hi-tech period, the gadget you are holding in your hand that is Smartphone is the most powerful and the multipurpose tool you can have. Think of the utility of this gadget like calculator, navigator, for communication purpose, compass, mapping, torchlight, audio and video player, social connectivity, sharing, messaging and many more. And now a day the most important job of this Smartphone is to capture your memorable moments for later. And last but not least emergency numbers can be dialed easily when the situation arises to call for any help.

When you have such a powerful tool with you all time than it must be made sure that it never feels power drained. For that purpose, the power bank comes handy and these portable batteries are lightweight and cheaply available in the market. Power bank helps the phones to survive for longer when there is no power facility available to charge it. Another important accessory is required when while capturing images you find problem of memory in the camera/ Smartphone. So extra memory card/storage devices like Hard Disc and a connecting link must be always available to avoid these instances.

Important Documents:

It is very important for you to collect and keep all the necessary documents very safe and easy to access when required, just like a separate small pouch. This pouch must be instant in access when you need to present it to someone and it must contain all your documents which you can think may be required in your journey period.

Important documents may include your Identity proof, Passport, and visa-related papers, Debit and Credit cards. If you are having any medical history or under medication than all the related documents with emergency contact numbers of doctors should be included in documents. If you are allergic to something or already taking medicines for some purpose then it must be included in documents as advice slip.

Some information related to your medical history to be included in that case like Name, Date of Birth, Blood Group, Allergies and reaction details and emergency contact number with relation. One important point is that you must be sure about your blood group, if not then please don’t mention it. As in emergency wrongly mentioned blood group can lead to further deterioration of your health when the requirement of blood supply arises it is not clear blood of which group is to be arranged.


Last but the most ignored instrument while planning any trip is insurance, as we cannot think of any disaster, emergency, accident, natural death or theft during our travel time. Travel Insurance comes for rescue in all these circumstances and you must be in possession of it before boarding for the tour. I must say that it is the most important thing out of all the points I shared with you in this blog, so get insured yourself first and then enjoy the trip without worry.


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