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8 Unwise Things you should not do while travelling

Things you should not do while travelling is a subject which you must not have come across because every traveler or writer tries to emphasize the things to do while travelling. Things not to do while travelling is equally important for you to know as things to do are. Because to avoid unnecessary discomfort, expenses and to save your precious time, things not to do while travel also become quite helpful. Also, you must have observed that every single blogger or writer tries to write down his or her experience about must to do, must travel, or must have like things, but not about what you should not attempt. There are much smaller tricks by which you can avoid discomfort and uneasiness during travel and can make your trip memorable. You can surely use these tricks (not applicable to every destination) but can be important.

8 things not to do while traveling
things not to while travelling by

1. Dont book your hotel in hurry

Every destination will have one or two most prominent locations, where you will find lots of crowds every time. Most of the shopping outlets and hotels will be located around these locations. But if you have noticed, the rent of these hotels will always be high because of those crowd and other marketing options available nearby to these hotels. You should stay away from such locations for accommodation purposes. You don’t need to go far away from such a location, but at a slight distance, you will notice a change in the rental cost. You should Book your Hotel in a smarter way by avoiding such crowded and prominent locations. You can also search for good hostels, if available in the area as it will save your pocket. We must include booking of accommodation near the market hub in the things you should not do because of the reason of upper cost.

2. Dont choose Restaurant in haste

If you have gone through the point above about choosing your hotels smartly, the same rule applies to your restaurant selection as well. You must have observed that food items are priced costlier near these major attractions. Also, the quality and taste of the food differ in negative directions near these sites. Hence, it is better that you should avoid having your meals at such locations and if possible try to taste local foods. It will help the locals plus you will get exposed to local foods which is a way to understand the local culture over there.

3. Dont litter at the destination while traveling

We as a traveller must have an endeavour to preserve the uniqueness of the destination we are visiting. We can easily help in achieving it by simply respecting the destination. It is very easy for us to spoil the beauty and nature, by littering here and there. And mind it, you must note down this as the first point in things you should not do list. But it is much easier for us to keep this nature clean, just by restricting ourselves from such nonsense things. It should be our moral duty to help the locals in keeping things as it is, so that it preserves the same essence in future as well, which will make the travelling of other tourists memorable.

4. Dont take Google lightly

Whenever and wherever your plan to visit or have food, it is our general habit to google about the same. We must take the help of search engines, as it is proving fruitful in the era of advanced social networking and internet-like things. Generally, we tend to see for the star ratings particular place of our interest having on google, and if it has a good star rating, we assume it as a reputable destination. Just considering the star rating is among the things you should not for the selection of the restaurants. In addition to star ratings, we must also look for the total number of reviews that a particular destination has. It will signify the crowd or visitors who visited that place before you. More reviews mean more number of people visited the place, which means you will get a fair idea about the place in general. This way, you can actually get to know some idea about the location even before travelling to the destination.

5. Try not to use personal vehicle or taxi

Using public transport while visiting the destination will provide you an opportunity to interact with the local peoples plus it will save your budget. If we are using a taxi or personal vehicle, we try to visit the destination only and never get any chance to roam around that particular destination. This is where using public transport comes to the rescue, as interaction with local people will help you in finding other not so popular destinations nearby. Usage of personal vehicle is a strong entry in things you should not do while travelling because it takes away our chance to get exposed with the local culture and traditions.

6. Planning things you should not do in much advance

Whenever we are planning for a trip, one thing which we generally try to do is to book our accommodation and the mean by which we are going to visit there. You should complete your reservation in time to avoid any last-minute discomfort, but just in doing so we end up paying a heavy price for these services sometimes. In the case of Flights, operators start changing the price of the carrier based on demand in the last three months only. So there is no need to book your flight before then these last three months of your departure. The same goes for hotel booking as well where hotel deals are more frequent near the departure dates. Seats for hotels/flights/cruises are priced at variable costs and if demand is low, surely you will get a good deal for your booking.

7. Dont skip local tourist office

You will find that every destination has its local tourism office dully affiliated with the tourism ministry. This office is authorized and liable to provide you with a piece of authentic information about the destination of your choice. You must visit this office as and when you land there. Also, it is a way to know what is going on around the town when you are planning your trip to that town. You can get all the information from the local guides or taxi operators as well, but sometimes personal interest overtakes them and not so exact information is provided to you. Hence, it is better to always make a habit to visit the local tourism office to have authentic information about the location you are visiting. Generally, people don’t give much attention to this office but I must recommend it to you to visit because sometimes it will be clarified by this office which are the official things you should not do at those locations.

8. Don’t underestimate travel insurance

Insurance is a thing which you must not underestimate in your life and it is a crucial thing when you are planning your trip. There are different types of insurance offered by companies based on the requirement of the customer. As you are planning to move around, travel insurance is a must for you. You can’t forecast anything when you are on vacation on nonnative soil. Travel insurance will save you from Medical and Non-medical contingencies like theft, natural disaster, medical condition. Hence, skipping travel insurance must also be included in the list of things you should not do while travelling.

Small but Effective Tips

⇒ Always give attention to basic but important points while planning your trip and check the important things to carry on a trip with you.

⇒ Please adhere to simple but effective travel safety tips.

⇒ While planning trekking, you must go through 6 basic trekking tips.

⇒ Food and other required stuff are priced heavily at the isolated locations, hence it is recommended to carry sufficient stock.

⇒ Carry sufficient water and chocolates along in the trek to keep yourself energetic. Please keep filling your reusable water bottles from the waterfalls and streams you are going to cross during the trek. It will save your pocket and also it will save the environment in another way.

⇒ Don’t litter the place around you while at the peak or during the trekking, it is our moral duty to respect mother nature. It must be included at first place in your things you should not do list.

⇒ You must have enough cash available with you as there may be a non-availability of an ATM. Hence you should carry enough cash along with you prior.

⇒ No mobile network is available at the peak

⇒ You must carry a small travel medical kit with you on every trip to make you safe from small infections and allergies.

⇒ Try to have minimal weight in your backpack because a heavy load at the back can cause discomfort while trekking. You can go through a helpful guide to backpack for travel.

⇒Don’t throw Plastic and spoil the beauty of Hill station ( and U know Distilled water, Cold Drink Bottles are the main culprit)

⇒Please left this beauty for our next generation to enjoy as well

⇒Try to taste local foods wherever you go 

⇒Be polite with serving staff

⇒If time and your will permit, please help locals collect garbage thrown over there by visitors like us so that we can plan the same destination again.

⇒Hotels can be checked online but if possible please visit Hotel personally and then only proceed for payment (especially in the Offseason). If possible book your hotel using Plastic money like Credit Card or Debit Card.

⇒Check your Hotel room for any suspicious things like a Camera and all as frauds are on the peak so Don’t compromise with your personal safety.

⇒To take your Camera + additional batteries + memory cards to allow you to capture memorable moments forever without any glitches.

⇒Wherever needed please, Hire local Guides.

⇒Try to enjoy the time there and don’t just keep clicking images unnecessarily.

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