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9 Undeniable Reasons People love Travel Safety Tips

Travel safety tips and its importance

Vacation trips are memorable when managed without any glitches or fuss, and it is possible when you acknowledge the importance of travel safety tips. To be safe is not just a matter of safety from physical injury but it also includes safety from fraud, wastage of time, losing your comfort, spoiling the trip itself, and other angles you may add to it further. you must think about safety on the trip starting from the time you leave your sweet home to the time you safely landed back again.

There are some small but attention worthy travel safety tips which you can adopt and surely these tips will help you in making the trip lively. Tips I am going to discuss here are general in nature and we generally tend to ignore their importance which we should not. So let’s start with the first thing:

Please adhere to Travel Safety Tips

1. Never travel alone

Travelling alone is not a good thing in view of recommended travel safety tips because being alone has many associated problems which we have to solve timely. Always try to plan a vacation within a group, and this group can be of friends or family members. Travelling in a group will mitigate the risk of safety and also somebody will always be there for an emergency. If you have to start your journey alone, whatever may be the reason, do make sure that after reaching a destination, try to be close by to the group which is heading to the same destination as yours. You must inform the group about your presence around them and the reason for your presence. It will make them comfortable despite the presence of an unknown like you nearby to them and at the same time group will be happy.

2. Keep updating the location:

It does not matter whether you are on a fascinating bike trip or on a four-wheeler driving expedition, you are on a solo trip or with friends in the group. It is recommended that you should keep updating about your location to someone known to you. For god sake, be vigilant during the trip as an unusual situation will not arise once you are alert. So it will be beneficial for you to share your location detail with somebody back there at home to whom you know and have faith in him or her. If you are travelling by hired taxi then in that case, do share the details of the taxi and driver both to that known person or with your friends. Enquiring the details from the driver himself will have a psychological impact on the mind of the driver and he will be alert during the ride which will make your journey safer.

3. Never stay Isolated

Nature can be best experienced by enjoying the picturesque views and landscapes when you keep yourself away from hustle and bustle of the hill station or prime destination. But it has its own restriction like safety, commutation, accommodation and fetching any help in any emergency. It becomes more important when you are travelling with family and kids that you should choose your accommodation wisely, and that is the reason, it is mentioned here in the travel safety tips.

By this, I simply mean that you should book your hotel in such a locality where you can find some people residing nearby to your hotel. When you are planning a trip with your family, you should select the hotel where you can find habitation nearby. I am not asking you to stay in the market area of prime destination, but safety is to keep in mind. It will make your commutation easy plus generate an additional sense of security which is a factor of safety on the trip.

4. Carry Necessary documents

You should be in possession of all the documents at all the time during your trip which is required or you think important to carry. Documents for identity proof must be kept ready and carried along and also vehicle documents if travelling by vehicle. If you are currently undergoing any treatment then medical documents in respect of the same should also be added to important documents to carry on a trip. It is mandatory to provide identity proof in respect of all the members in the group, to book any accommodation and the same is checked by staff at the service desk counter at the reception of the hotel prior to allowing inside. I can list many other documents here which you should carry along but that will out of the purview of this blog over travel safety tips.

5. Check for safety at a hotel

Prior to unloading your luggage inside the room of a hotel, it must be ensured that the hotel is secure from any type of mischievous activity. CCTV and modern era technical gadgets can be helpful, also check the interior of the room for any hidden cameras and all for your safety. You can further go through the simple guidelines which will of great help while booking your hotel. Having contacts of emergency services will add safety to the trip to you. You should ask for numbers of Police, Doctor, Medical store from the Receptionist and you have a right to know each contact for your safety. If possible make use of Plastic Money like credit or debit cards while making payments at the hotel desk, it will further keep your records safe.

enquire at the Reception before booking

6. Never indulge in a fight with locals

If any situation arises where you feel uncomfortable while communicating with locals, it is advised not to get indulged in a verbal fight with locals. If things seem out of control for you, you must dial the local police helpline number and surely they will help you out. Indulging in a heated argument will cause you a wastage of your time which you could have invested somewhere for fun. Reason for indulging in a fight may be anything but people seems to be an outsider is more prone to crime so you should be alert and vigil all the time.

Anyhow, you are not there at that location to get indulged in any type of discomfort but for having a memorable time to spend. So, this point is important for your safety point of view as well and that is the sole reason for it to mention here in travel safety tips. Moreover, local people know the administration and another mechanism better than anyone, and if you are trapped in any such issue, you can be in big problem.

7. Money does matter

It is recommended that you should have enough cash in hand while proceeding for your vacations to any non-familiar location. Nowadays, swift transactions can be made at various merchants using Plastic money like Credit and Debit cards, but you can not expect the availability of swipe machine everywhere. Also, it is not possible that you will find cash dispensing machine-like ATM everywhere. So to avoid getting in trouble because of the non-availability of these facilities, you should have cash in hand.

8. Better to be safe then Reaching late

Planning for an unknown destination then you must start off from home early so as to reach your trip destination timely. It is advisable to be there at a pre-decided halt at least one hour before sunset and if getting late, then driving at an unknown road can compromise your safety. If sure that you cannot get to a selected location in time, it is better to halt somewhere safe place where you are because driving at late hours will generate risk and discomfort to you.

Dont Drive late at Night

9. An unplanned way can be catchy but Risky

Never start your trip in an unplanned manner as it is very important for you to plan your trip to make it cherishable and hassle-free. Planning starts from the selection of a destination and ends when you landed back safely. For the planning part, you can go through other blogs like Things to carry on a trip, and how to proceed for booking hotels at the selected destinations. Unplanned movement can attract a lot of problems related to the safety of individual and family. These problems can be of any type like an interruption of movement or not having sufficient time to search for good accommodation. To prevent yourself from getting into this situation, you are required to follow the travel safety tips and plan the movement correctly.

Small but Effective Tips

⇒ Always give attention to basic but important points while planning your trip and check the important things to carry on a trip with you.

⇒ Please adhere to simple but effective travel safety tips.

⇒ While planning trekking, you must go through 6 basic trekking tips.

⇒ Food and other required stuff are priced heavily at the isolated locations, hence it is recommended to carry sufficient stock.

⇒ Carry sufficient water and chocolates along in the trek to keep yourself energetic. Please keep filling your reusable water bottles from the waterfalls and streams you are going to cross during the trek. It will save your pocket and also it will save the environment in another way.

⇒ Don’t litter the place around you while at the peak or during the trekking, it is our moral duty to respect mother nature.

⇒ You must have enough cash available with you as there may be a non-availability of an ATM. Hence you should carry enough cash along with you prior.

⇒ No mobile network is available at the peak

⇒ You must carry a small travel medical kit with you on every trip to make you safe from small infections and allergies.

⇒ Try to have minimal weight in your backpack because a heavy load at the back can cause discomfort while trekking. You can go through a helpful guide to backpack for travel.

⇒Don’t throw Plastic and spoil the beauty of Hill station ( and U know Distilled water, Cold Drink Bottles are the main culprit)

⇒Please left this beauty for our next generation to enjoy as well

⇒Try to taste local foods wherever you go 

⇒Be polite with serving staff

⇒If time and your will permit, please help locals collect garbage thrown over there by visitors like us so that we can plan the same destination again.

⇒Hotels can be checked online but if possible please visit Hotel personally and then only proceed for payment (especially in the Offseason). If possible book your hotel using Plastic money like Credit Card or Debit Card.

⇒Check your Hotel room for any suspicious things like Camera and all as frauds are on the peak so Don’t compromise with your personal safety.

⇒To take your Camera + additional batteries + memory cards to allow you to capture memorable moments forever without any glitches.

⇒Wherever needed please, Hire local Guides.

⇒Try to enjoy the time there and don’t just keep clicking images unnecessarily.

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