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Dalhousie – an Emerging destination

Things to do in Dalhousie

Dalhousie can sure be added to your basket od memorable trips if you are planning to spend some good times with friends and family and at the same time searching for a place not far from main cities. Dalhousie encompasses the charm of hill station as well as easy movement from the plains of north India.

It is a Very popular Hill station in Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh and located at a distance of 310 Km from Chandigarh and just 81 Km from Pathankot which are two major connecting cities. It was founded in 1850 by British Viceroy Lord Dalhousie. It is situated on the top of five hills.

Why Dalhousie is famous

It is an emerging vacation destination for family and groups especially from the north Indian plains, and the reason for the same is very simple. First, it is very easily accessible from the plains as it is located just 80 Km from Pathankot so you can reach here easily by choosing any convenient medium of transport. Secondly, Khajjiar, which is also known as mini Switzerland of India can be accessed from Dalhousie very smoothly and in a day trip only from here. Commuting and picturesque views make this hill station an ideal destination for the family to spend precious time and make it memorable forever.

Best Time to Visit Dalhousie

Dalhousie can be visited throughout the year as it is well connected by road to major cities in India. It totally depends on you whether you want to enjoy green and clean weather in Summer or Chilling Cold with Snow laden Mountain Peaks in the Winter season. If you can, please avoid Monsoon season (July) as there are chances of Landslides in the upper part of Himalaya which can cause you Discomfort.

April to June End is the Summer season here at the hill station when you can find the lush green valleys at its best and it will give you enough opportunities to explore nature and flora and fauna around the city in the best possible manner. It is advisable for you to prefer this season because of the comfortable temperature level and no blocks due to snow or landslides, which will make you explore every nook and corner of the valley perfectly.

July to September is Monsoon season and the hill station receives the maximum of its annual rainfall in this season. so it is advisable to avoid this season if possible as landslides and traffic jams can be at its worst.

October to March is Winter season and Hill station receives lots of snow during this season, so if you really want to enjoy snow-laden hills and chilled weather with great landscapes than this season is one you must not avoid to.

How to Reach Dalhousie

Dalhousie is well connected to the rest of India throughout the year so one can opt for any mode of travel to reach here. The nearby major cities are Pathankot and Chandigarh and from Pathankot, one can take Private Cab or can choose Government transportation to reach Dalhousie.

By Road to Dalhousie:-

You can opt one out of these three routes if traveling via cab/Private vehicle. The road condition till Dalhousie is fine and you can easily drive till the point except for one or two places where you can get little traffic that all.

🚩Chandigarh to Pathankot to Dalhousie (310Km Approx)


🚩Chandigarh to Hoshiarpur to Kangra to Dalhousie (353 Km Approx)


🚩Chandigarh to Anandpur Sahib to Amb to Kangra to Dalhousie (343 Km Approx)

By Train to Dalhousie

  If you are planning to travel by train than I am sorry to say that Dalhousie has no Rail Terminal and the nearest Rail station is at Pathankot. From Pathankot, you have to take Road to your destination or sharing based taxi can be easily booked in the city. So to plan your travel from travel you can go like:-

Take a train from Chandigarh to Pathankot or Delhi to Pathankot available on a regular basis. Than from Pathankot onwards hire Cab or else can use State Transportation as Pathankot is the nearest Railway station to Dalhousie.

✈✈ By Flight to Dalhousie:- 

Nearest Airport to Dalhousie is Pathankot at 81 Km distance. But one thing to give minute attention is that Pathankot is connected via Air to Delhi only so choose wisely. Alternate Airport is Gaggal Airport at Kangra/Dharamshala which is 140 km from Dalhousie and is connected to major destinations in India. Taxi can be easily hired from both the airports to reach Dalhousie any time in the day.

Things to do at Dalhousie

In Dalhousie, there are a lot of things to do per day before retiring to your bed at night. I will be happy to help you to plan a trip to roam around and to guide what you should be doing there. This Hill station has something for everyone whether an adventure lover, nature lover, family person or just want to relax surrounded by utmost beautiful nature.

Khajjiar (Mini Switzerland of India) 

It is a very famous location at an altitude of 2000 meters and just 22 Km distant from main Dalhousie Town. It is surrounded by trees of Pine and Deodar which makes it a fabulous spot. The name of Khajjiar is taken from Khajji Deity and temple of the God is located nearby to the lake. One can easily go to Khajjiar via Private vehicle/Cab/Bike. Transportation from the state department and private tour operators are also available throughout the day.

Beautiful Khajjiar near Dalhousie

→Khajjiar can be best explored through Trekking from Dalhousie passing via Kalatop.

→A nominal entry fee ( Rs 200) will be charged from you if going via private vehicle which is actually an entry fee for a vehicle to Khajjiar.

→Activities @Khajjiar – Zorbing, Horse Riding,  Paragliding, Picnic, Photography.

→There are limited hotels available in Khajjiar but Prior Bookings are required. 

→Restaurants are easily available where visitors can have a taste of North Indian Dishes.

Kalatop Wildlife Reserve

It is home to Himalayan Bear and a very popular Reserve in Himachal Pradesh. It is situated at 6 Km distance from Dalhousie and a link road to it will be on your left while going to Khajjiar. From this link, Road head to Reserve is just 3 Km. Entry fees of Rs 250 will be charged for a vehicle to reach up to Forest Guest House at this head. No vehicles are allowed beyond Forest Rest House and you have to park a vehicle there only.

Forest Rest House at Kalatop

→Ravi river flows nearby to it. It is best for Jungle Safari, Bird watching, Bird Photography, Trekking.

→Trekking to Khajjiar (12Km) is an awesome thing to do.

→Forest Guest House (Huts) at Kalatop also provides nice accommodations.

Dainkund Peak

Excellent Trekking destination near Dalhousie at a maximum altitude of 2755 meters around. It’s a bit tough to reach but for an Average Physically fit person it is quite comfortable. The Trekking to Kali Mata Temple is easy going and once on the Peak you will be mesmerized watching a 360-degree view of the top.

It is said or can say a Myth that it was favorite spots to hang out for witches that’s why named as ‘Dain Kund’, but don’t worry in the present time there are no witches at all. Camping at peak will certainly add joyful moments to your trip while Air Force Station near Peak is also an attraction. 

↔ After driving up to 6 km from the city, you have to park your vehicle at Air Force Barrier which will be followed by 4 km long trekking. Initial one Km of trekking is a bit tough with steep rise and fall and after that rest, a 3 km path is quite easy.

↔ You can plan for Peak throughout the year but if wanna have moments to be spent with snow-capped mountains than choose the season from October to February.

↔ One thing to note is that if planning for a trek then do carry warm clothing and first aid kit for an emergency.


It is a waterfall and perfect picnic spot for families in the very close vicinity of the city where you can even go by walk. It is just 3 Km from the main marketing square of Dalhousie namely Gandhi Chowk and from there you can take Cab/Bus. But I would suggest you travel on foot, as it will give you the best exposure to nature. Panchpula named it because Five streams come together here and the mainstream of Panchpula acts as a source of water to different parts of Dalhousie.

↔ Monument in memory of Sardar Ajit Singh (Uncle of Sardar Bhagat Singh) is erected nearby to it.

↔ Here you can also try some adventure activities like Burma Bridge. 

One can visit here in any season of the year and you will be welcomed with the same charm and beauty.

River Rafting

Rafting can be undertaken on River Ravi or Saal which is organized by Private as well as Government agencies. Rafting part is performed under the close supervision of staff so don’t have to worry about anything and just enjoy. The only thing to keep in mind is Rafting is best enjoyed in the summer season only.

Subhash Bowli

It is just One Km from Main Market of Dalhousie and a perfect spot for picnic or evening walk. It is named after great freedom fighter Subhash Chander Bose and is a perennial spring believed to have a medicinal value which cured the great freedom fighter. A small waterfall is situated near it amplifies its beauty and serves as a natural place to relax.

St John’s church

The Church is located in Gandhi Market itself so one can visit it by walk. It is a great mixture of History and beauty which makes it attractive for photography. The library is situated nearby to Church is home to a plethora of books where one can go through the past of Dalhousie easily.

Ganji Pahari

This peak is at a Trek of 5 Km from Dalhousie on Pathankot road. It is named it because of the absence of vegetation on top which is not a problem but actually makes it a perfect location for Picnic. You can hire a guide as well from Dalhousie and it will take around 4 to 5 hours to complete the trekking which you will definitely enjoy. 

↔ The best time to visit between October to February when the region receives snowfall and all the peaks laden with snow will add in the beauty of trekking. Especially Sunrise and Sunset are two main times which is to be enjoyed.

↔ Trekkers can reach Ganji Pahari from Panchpula also as a narrow walkway from Panchpula will lead to the top of the Pahari by trekking.

Sach Pass

Pass is located at an altitude of 4500 meters and 150 Km distance from Dalhousie.  It is very difficult to cross due to landslides because of heavy rain and snow. It connects Dalhousie town with Chamba and Pangi Valley. It is also famous for trekking and it starts from Dalhousie via Khajjiar.

Distant view of Sach Pass

The best time to visit Sach pass is from July to September. Tourists can reach to Sach Pass with taxi via Bairagarh on Dalhousie-Pathankot road. You can easily find snow at Sach pass even in the month of June.

Services Available at Dalhousie :

1. Mobile network  Yes of most of the operators

2. Bank/ATM Yes 

3. Hospital Yes 

4. Pharmacy/Medicals Yes

5. Restaurants Yes

6. Bars Yes Liquor shop is also available 

7. Automobile/Vehicle Repair Yes

8. Courier facility Yes 

9. Massage & Spa plus Saloons. Yes

10. Police Station Yes

Hotels in Dalhousie:

There are enough options available for you to reside while planning a trip to Dalhousie and you can book your stay here. Dalhousie has enough options to reside and you can book cheap hotels online or offline while payments can be done through all available methods of Plastic money like Credit cards and others. There are many deluxe and luxury hotels also available in close proximity of (within 1 km) where you can choose your stay.

There are a lot of options available for tourists to stay and reside in Dalhousie as Good Quality hotels ranging from 5 Star to Deluxe hotels can be found easily here. If possible I would suggest you plan your stay in cottages or take the option of homestay which will let you feel the local culture somewhat.

JK Clarks Exotica, Aamod, BrijVilla, Dalhousie Heights, Grand View Resort are some of the deluxe hotels in Dalhousie.

Round Trip to Dalhousie

Chandigarh-Pathankot–Dalhousie-Khajjiar-McLeodganj-Kangra- Chandigarh

Nearby destinations to Dalhousie

⇔ Kangra 120 Km

⇔ Dharamshala 110 Km

McLeodganj 120 Km

⇔ Khajjiar 25 Km

Palampur 155Km

Worth to mention if planning for a trip (please note):-

⇒Don’t throw Plastic and spoil the beauty of Hill station( and U know Distilled water, Cold Drink Bottles are the main culprit)

⇒Please left this beauty for our next generation to enjoy as well

⇒Carry sufficient Cash in hand which will save you from some situations where no card facility exists

⇒Try to taste local foods wherever you go 

⇒Be polite with serving staff

⇒If time and will permit please help locals collect garbage thrown over there by visitors like us so that we can think to plan the same destination again.

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