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How to plan a Memorable Travel Trip easily

12 things to consider for planning a Trip

Travel trip is always an awesome idea to spend some good times with friends or family, is it not?… It’s always good to take out some time for personal enjoyment and if that time is spent on a tour with family or friends that what else you want. Traveling across the boundaries and interacting with people from different cultures and traditions and traditions helps a lot to a person in terms of attitude and knowledge and a very simple proverb is enough to explain the importance of tourism

He who does not travel does not know the value of men …

… a Moorish proverb

Simple explanation of Importance of Tourism

. But the wait is it like that you planned for a destination in the past and executed the trip as well but the trip did not go well? 

Just Plan Trip easily and enjoy the Trip

Planning for a travel trip is a time consuming and boring task, especially when you are planning to travel with family. And if you are planning a trip with kids or grandparents, then I can assure you that you are going to land up in difficulties if the trip is not planned well catering to the need of kids and oldies.

So there are some small but important things to choke down before packing up your bags and moving out to board a carrier and it will help you to plan your trip easily. Don’t know how to go for those small things or don’t have enough time to think for them, Don’t worry let me help you in doing that because it’s better to spend some time on planning rather than wasting entire trip because of lack of planning because you deserve to go and create memorable moments which you can carry with you throughout of your life.

So here we go with your choice of how to plan your travel trip easily and efficiently:


Plan for a destination by looking at your pocket,  as once took off with burden on pocket, will be very tough to enjoy there and if no enjoyment then no use of trip. It’s not good to plan for a destination based on popularity. Yeah, popularity does matter but what if that popularity costs you heavily and spoils your future budgeting. You have enough money in your pocket or bank that allows remaining stress-free during the tour. If not have enough budget and trip is more important, than you must consider where to borrow from?

Money does matter

If you have Credit Cards than it is perfect as it is better to take credit from a financial institution which is reliable and with you from past, But then you also have to pay back that credit amount But but but… there is an option to pay back credit card bills in easy monthly installments (EMI)… Bingo… It will definitely reduce your stress. If you don’t have a card option as well as less budget… it’s my sincere advice please plan for some different location or not plan at all.

Choose your Destination:-

The selection of the destination is not merely choosing a place to visit but it also contains various factors to be considered before selecting the destination.

you choice of destination must be cost effective

The selection must be based on some key factors like:-

The Duration of the trip

How much time do you have to enjoy and journey time must also be taken into account. While calculating the time which will give you a rough idea of how much time you are going to really enjoy. A road trip can be a little longer whereas traveling by flights will make the trip somewhat shorter. The urban destination takes more time to explore as sightseeing and marketing (which obviously you can’t resist to) have more importance in urban localities. Also, it is advisable to have one or two days as spare to cater for as buffer time for the delay due to traffic or if you want to extend your stay at any place.

Timing of trip

It is like talking about the season which means what is the best time to visit that particular destination. For example, the Best time to enjoy Beaches and Mountains are completely different and after some weeks of official peak time to visit that location you may get high discounts on your hotels and flights… Anyway, the budget is the first thing to consider.

Your trip partner

Destination of interest can be completely different if you are traveling with friends with that of traveling with family. Also, kids and grandparents play another obstacle in planning with it.

What is your interest

I mean whether you want to explore beautiful mountains and valleys with the chill in weather or you want to relax at sunset on sand beaches with the chill in the mood.

Is it easily Accessible

As major popular destination will be having the number of options to access let it be flights on a day to day basis or Train or it may be Road connectivity. But in case you are planning to some offbeat destination then you may find difficulty in access to those locations.


The safety of travelers is an important thing to consider whether it’s safe to travel with kids and oldies to that place or is it not safe for a couple to go there? Be cautious while planning.

Time to Book your Ride:

Now it’s time to book your ride .. but wait a minute .. just spare a little to think upon, Whether you are going to take Biking Trip/ Flights/ Train/ Cab, the journey must be booked prior to have a hassle-free trip and avoiding the last-minute rush. Also as train and flight tickets depend on availability and also the prices go up over time so advance booking will be lighter in your pocket.

Book non-refundable flights if you are certain about your plan and if not then go for refundable one but that also must be in advance.

Use the payment method for booking ride/flights which gives you some concessions at their part as well. For example, some credit cards have offers on flight tickets while some debit cards have discounts on lounging and shopping at Airports. Methods of booking can be online which is convenient one or maybe offline by visiting counters.

Stay during the trip:

If it is certain that the trip will go as per plan than it is advisable to book accommodation prior to the start, which will take away your tension to search for it after landing there at the destination and will give you a chance to relax after a long journey. Hotel or staying options booking caters for around 30% budget out of the total trip so it must be a separate checkpoint for you while planning travel trips.

Prior online booking will certainly have a glitch of not having a feeling of physical inspection of rooms in which you are going to stay but it may save your pennies in pocket and time as well. Search for booking deals for hotels on websites and compare the price for the same hotel. however, we will discuss how to save while booking hotels during the trip in another blog. So as far as this blog is concerned, Book the Hotels from where convenience to market/things to see get easy.

your stay during the trip must be comfortable as well as easily accessible

Features before booking a hotel to look upon

Before booking a Hotel or Accommodation during a trip some points or can say features you must look into. some of them are listed below and you can add upon as per your convenience.

⇔ Book now and pay later facility

⇔ 24 x 7 customer support

⇔ Free cancellation

⇔ Best price guaranteed

⇔ Additional service like free wifi/ parking/ buffet/ bar/ pool etc.

Explore the destination locally:

After getting down on destination it is wiser to think upon whether all the spots will be covered by rental cab or other services like Public Trasport. Because it entirely depends on your choice and distance of spots from your accommodation keeping trip time in mind.

Things to see and do:

Please prepare a list of popular hotspots in the location which you don’t want to miss to explore. Look for distance on a map/ google map from other nearby locations you gonna see if possible. It will help you in planning the track to be taken while exploring location so that maximum things get covered in minimum time as possible and you can plan for other activities or can retire for the day without exhausting. Look for the best free things to do in your selected destination.

you must prepare a list what all you want too explore during the trip

Anything special in the destination which you are not going to enjoy elsewhere like scuba diving, paragliding, zorbing, skiing, horse riding, etc. and any fees to them.

Choose good restaurants to eat and must-try local foods with quality. You can make all these lists by using social media platforms ( FB, Twitter, Insta) or Blogs. Additionally, you can search for travel websites or ask from someone who earlier visited the destination you choose.

It’s time to Eat something:

Delicate attention must be given while choosing any hotels/ restaurants to have your meals. it is not very easy to digest outside food and it can land you in trouble. Quality of food and hygiene must not be compromised at all.  Also, it is not always true that food tastes good will be best in quality as well so mind it while having the food on the go. 

If possible try to have the taste of local foods as it in other ways helps the local community to grow and serve you better in the future. if you are not sure where to fetch from, then you can search for it on the net or it is the to ask local people around.

Check your Documents:

Your whole exercise on how to plan a trip will surely go to vain if you are not carrying the required documents with you in the trip. Before departure must make sure that you are in possession of valid and authentic documents otherwise it can get you in legal trouble as well on different soil. Documents to be ensured include Passport, Visa, other Identity Proofs of each individual. In the case of passports, at least six months’ validity must be there and should have enough space in pages to be stamped. Additionally, save the soft copies of all documents which you may think can be used in your Email so that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Important Note:

If possible please do carry a photocopy of each document with you while traveling and that will ensure your smooth journey and transit in case you lost any documents. Documents to be carried in duplicate forms may include Flight/ Train tickets, Itineraries, Credit Cards ( very sensitive so handle with care), Hotel Reservations, etc.

Connectivity to the rest of the world:

Check the destination you are going, whether it is having phone and internet connectivity or not. Because as on tour, it is very important that you must be free from any tension which may occur from your family side if they did not hear you for a while. It can be simply avoided only if your parents are receiving information about you while you are on travel. So do make sure that your update of location and contact numbers be shared with your family from time to time.

Availability of various services:

Please check if the destination you planned is equipped with some miscellaneous services or not which can turn into hurdle if not present and those services include: Hospital/ Pharmacy store, Fuel Station, Police Station, Courier Service, Parking Space, Vehicle Repair Facility, Banks/ ATM, etc. These services sometimes seem irrelevant but don’t know when you have a need of any to of those so it is better to check their availability prior.

Carrying Money:

You must have some cash in hand before travelling and the rest amount you can plan. You can carry money in your saving account and withdraw Cash whenever required if facilities exist there ( must be checked prior). Also can make use of Credit Cards/Debit Cards for online transactions but then also make sure the Card you are carrying is acceptable at POS terminals. If possible, call to Bank or Card companies to notify them about your travel plan so that they can freeze your accounts if you notice any suspicious transactions.

Travel Insurance:

I must advise that you should have travel insurance covering your journey period and all transit activities so that you can relax in case of any mishappening and company bears the cost of that. People generally take it lightly but mind it it’s just a small amount which can save your budget in case you being unlucky. Travel Insurance is made to cover unwanted medical emergencies and events such as trip cancellation, your personal effects, lost, stolen or damaged luggage by Airline, and other related losses

Its time to pack your backpack: If possible pack bare minimum as it will be lighter for you to travel and also you can buy anywhere if conditions occur. Proper care to be taken in packing for kids and should not leave any space for their complaints. Choose light and loose-fitting clothes that can be multipurpose if possible. Pack luggage keeping in mind the weather of destination and activities you are going to do there.

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