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Parvati Valley – Home to Incredible Beauty

Let’s explore – Parvati Valley

                             Parvati Valley is a great destination to feel the nature in its raw form and explore the very less known and completely different culture of the village Malana. Valley is situated in the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh starting with a breathtaking opening with the confluence of the Beas and Parvati river near Bhunter in Kullu. he welcome gate or you can say the road to enter the valley starts from a beautiful village named Malana. Another very popular hill station Manali can be easily explored from Kullu as it is just 40 Km from the city and has its connectivity throughout the day with Kullu.

Majestic Parvati River amidst Parvati Valley
Enjoy the nature at its raw for - lets explore Parvati Valley

The road passes through a famous pilgrimage center Manikaran Sahib which is a place of devotion for both Hindu and Sikh communities.  The way to valley Parvati valley road ends at village Pulga followed by a narrow track that goes to Rudranaag waterfall. Beyond this fall, the Trail leads to Kheerganga which is famous for trekking and it is believed that Lord Shiva meditated here for 3000 years.

          From Kheerganga trail leads to Thakur Kuan village which is second after Tunda Village, Here at Thakur Kuan Parvati river meets with Dibibokri river which is a tributary of Parvati river.  The trail further leads to Pandupul village and ahead to Mantalai Lake which is the source or origin of the Parvati River.

          Using the same trail further will lead you to reach Pin Valley National Park near Mud village in Lahaul & Spiti region in Spiti valley, but to reach Spiti Valley you have to cross Pin Parvati Pass at an altitude of 5390 meters.

Why Parvati Valley is famous

        Parvati Valley is a perfect place to enjoy calm and fresh weather which is further added up by riverside delicious food and smell of herbs. There are a lot of things to do while enjoying the great atmosphere in the circuit which we will discuss in detail. Parvati Valley is famous for its beauty, its culture with a blend of sweet Israeli people and its devotional importance for both Hindu and Sikh religious people.

How to Reach Parvati Valley

              You can come to Parvati Valley by using any convenient medium out of Road/Train/Flight, as Kullu is well connected to the rest of India by the best available means. So you are free to choose the mode of travel based on your convenience.

By Road to Parvati Valley

                     It is the most common medium of transport used by the people as It is about 285 Km from Chandigarh and around 515 Km from Delhi. It takes about 10-11 hours of journey to reach Kullu from Delhi via a bus, and there is regular service available from Delhi ISBT. Buses that go to Kullu also have a stop at Chandigarh so one can board the bus from Chandigarh as well. Alternatively, you can opt for private Cab from Chandigarh or Delhi. Sharing based Taxi are easily available from Chandigarh where you will be accommodated with fellow passengers en route to Kullu/Manali.

The route usually taken is Delhi-Chandigarh-Mandi-Kullu-Manikaran

By Train to Parvati Valley

                      The nearest railway station on the narrow-gauge is at Joginder Nagar which is about 100 km of Kullu while the nearest railhead (Broad Gauge) is at Chandigarh (285 Km) or at Ambala (320Km). From Chandigarh or Ambala, one can easily board the buses going to Kullu from Delhi as the same passes through both the cities.

By Air/ Flight to Parvati Valley

               Nearest Airport is Bhunter Airport situated in Bhunter at around 10 Km from Kullu. Bhunter Airport is well connected to the major cities of India especially Delhi. Public transport and Taxi can be easily fetched from the Airport for the next destination easily.

Best time to Visit Parvati Valley:-

                         Parvati Valley can be explored throughout the year easily but then also it is advisable to avoid Monsoon season for visit as the Highway leading to Kullu is prone to Landslides. Best time to spend your precious time in the best manner is:

March to June which is Summer Season

October to February which is Winter Season

Duration of Trip to Parvati Valley:-

                   The time required to explore is 7 to 10 days provided you are going by a private cab and don’t have any plan to do Trekking and all. Because Kheerganga Trekking alone needs at least 10 days if you are really into it. Otherwise to visit places and Relaxing at Riverside wants less time.

Things to do in Parvati Valley :

Manikaran Sahib 

                     It situated at around 45 Km from the city center of Kullu and 5 Km from Kasol. it is a pilgrimage site for both Hindu and Sikh devotees and here you can find hot water vapors easily. An interesting point to note here that Hotels available in Manikaran Sahib are not equipped with Hot water arrangements due to the Hot water supply from the springs. Devotees can take a dip in the Hot water inside the Gurdwara Premises itself. Also same arrangements you can find in Shri Ram Temple after crossing the Parvati River by a small bridge. separate arrangements for Ladies also available.

Boiling Rice in natural Hot water Gyser at Lord Shiva Temple
Temple of Maa Naina Bhagwati

                  Manikaran Sahib can be best visited from April-June as the Summer season give you some relaxation from freezing cold. Evenings in the summer season also make you feel cold as temperature drops to around 10 degrees. Monsoon season must be avoided to keep you away from landslides and other discomforts. Anyhow Pilgrims use to travel in the winter season as well but the weather at Manikaran in the winter season is extremely cold and harsh so it can be a problem for Kids and Oldies.


           Kasol is located around 40 km from Kullu city center and it is a small village on the banks of river Parvati. Kasol is nowadays widely popular especially for trekkers as famous Kheerganga Trek starts from here only. One thing I really like and specifically want to mention here that Kasol is inhabited largely by lovely people from Israel, so you can easily find Israeli foods in cafes and Hebrew language written in the cafe. Kasol is also a perfect place to enjoy the scene and atmosphere here in the lap of nature in the best possible manner. 

            You can avail of facilities of Hotels/Guesthouses in Kasol, can pitch Tent or camping arrangement can be explored at the riverside. The local market here at Kasol can provide you with items needed for day to day purposes. Rave parties and Music Festivals can be enjoyed at Kasol.

             Summer Hill festival which is organized every year at the end of June, to say goodbye to summer and say a welcome to winter accompanied by cool riverside parties at night lasts for 2 days. Various types of activities like Bonfire, Painting, Group Discussion, Cleanliness Drives are conducted in it where you can participate and enlarge your social circle with these activities. Also, it gives you a chance to enjoy the Best of Israeli Culture.

              Indrasan Festival being held at the end of  May every year is also great to watch lasts for 5 days and 4 night and it is a Music festival which in turn also promote afforestation.


             Malana is at 21 Km from Kasol and 14 Km from Buhar Village which comes on the road while going from Kullu to Kasol, so if you want to explore Malana than I would suggest you take a turn from Buhar Temple towards Malana for nest 14 Km. Malana is an isolated village from the rest of the world and considered the oldest  Democracy. Malana is also known as the village of Taboos as an outsider are not allowed to touch anything or anyone. The village has a different language called Kanashi, a different culture and a separate system of governance. Visitors are advised not to touch anything in the village otherwise you are liable to be fined.

                            There are very few Guesthouse/Homestay available in Malana but that also on the peak and before the village that means separated from the village. it also has a Temple but Visitors are not allowed to visit here so be precautious. Although it is an ancient village, you will find houses of modern design because the actual village was destroyed due to fire in 2008.

Tosh Village:  

                     Tosh is a village situated at a distance of 20 Km from Kasol and is famous for its Cannabis plantation. it is located at the far end of the Valley and Parvati river flows through it. you can find foreigners easily here and can have an exchange of talks will give you a new experience.  Tosh become popular in reet years because it is located en-route to famous Kheerganga Trek.  Limited accommodation facility is available here so plan accordingly. It is an ideal location if you want to spend time in a leap of nature with no crowd and just peace and chirping of birds around you.


             It is located 16 km from Kasol and a very thinly populated village isolated from the world.  You will find very fewer people here at Pulga and Hydroelectric Project is stationed here on River Parvati. Kheerganga is just 5 Km from here. you can visit Temple of Lord Narayan here where you will find very less common people interacting with each other.


                    Kheerganga is at 21 Km from the Kasol and it is believed that Karthik, son of Lord Shiva meditated here for years. This place remains out of reach to Humans because of Snow for five months in a year. Trek to Kheerganga starts from Kaol and ends here. Trekking to Kheerganga is t difficult for Beginners as 21 Km with dangerous waterfalls and streams to pass and in addition, cliffs add difficulty to it. So, if you are going the first time it is advisable to go with a guide. 

Hotels in Parvati Valley

                       There are enough options available for you to reside while planning a trip to Palampur and you can book your stay here. Palampur has enough options to reside and you can book cheap hotels online or offline while payments can be done through all available methods of Plastic money like Credit cards and others. There are many deluxe and luxury hotels also available in close proximity of (within 1 km) where you can choose your stay.

  In Kullu city, you can find the number of Hotels/Guesthouses and can select based on your comfort level. (Must try to reside in Homestay if possible at some distance from the city). Apart from Kullu Good accommodation can be explored in Kasol and Manikaran Sahib. except for these places, you will not find any options to stay as per your luxury. The villages such as Malana, Tosh, Pulga are having options to reside but not at your convenience.

➧➧Services Available in Parvati Valley: 

leave Kullu apart

1. Mobile network —— Yes but only in  Manikaran Sahib and Kasol

2. Bank/ATM —————-Yes but limited that also in Kasol and Manikaran Sahib only

3. Hospital ———————No (but Kullu has hospitals which are easily approachable in an emergency but must have one hour in hand)

4. Pharmacy/Medicals ——Yes, in Kasol and Manikaran Sahib only

5. Restaurants ————-Yes, local foods can be served easily at all locations

6. Bars —————————Yes Liquor shop is available in Kasol and Manikaran Sahib only

7. Automobile/Vehicle Repair ——Yes, in Kasol and Manikaran Sahib only

8. Courier facility —— No

9. Massage & Spa plus Saloons. ——Yes in Kasol only

10. Police Station ——Yes, small Police post in Kasol and Manikaran Sahib only

11. Parking space —– Yes, in Kasol and Manikaran Sahib only

12 Fuel Station —– No

➤➤If you have enough time then you can follow


if you are adventure lover than pack your bag and go for 

Kullu-Kasol- ( Trekking to Kheerganga-Pin Parvati Valley-Mud Village-Kaza)-Manali

Nearby Destinations Parvati Valley to enjoy:-

                                       ⇒Kullu 40 Km

                                       ⇒Manali 80 Km

                                       ⇒Rohtang Pass 120 Km

                                       ⇒Jibhi 85 Km

                                       ⇒Mandi 90 Km

                                       ⇒Mandi 90 Km

                                       ⇒Shoja 90 Km

➤➤Worth to mention (please note):

* Don’t throw Plastic and spoil the beauty of Hill station.

* Please left this beauty for our next generation to enjoy as well.

* Carry sufficient Cash in hand which will save you from some situations where no card facility exists.

* Try to taste local foods wherever you go.

* Be polite with serving staff.

* If time and your will permit please help locals to collect garbages thrown over there by visitors like us so that we can think to plan the same destination again.

➤➤At the end don’t forget

* To take your Camera + addition batteries + memory cards to allow you to capture memorable moments forever without any glitches.

* Wherever need please hire local guides.

* Try to enjoy the time there and don’t just keep clicking images unnecessary.

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