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9 Secrets About Tirthan Valley That Has Never Been Revealed For The Past 20 Years

Acquiring the name from a beautiful and pristine river flowing through this valley, Tirthan valley is gaining popularity among tourists in recent years. The name of the valley also signifies one entire block in the Himachal state of India. This beautiful valley is located at a distance of just 38 Km from the Mandi town in Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 2800 meters. The highest point of Tirthan valley is Serolosar lake which is located at an altitude of 3100 meters above sea level. You can undertake many adventurous activities like trekking, fishing, and experiencing the wildlife closely. If you are a person who likes peace of mind then also this valley offers great things like camping near a river bed and calm nature for you.

Why Tirthan Valley is famous

The centre for attraction here in this valley is its lofty mountains with an abundance of deodar and pine trees, further enhancing its beauty. The Tirthan valley also has many apple orchards inside it, which can be worth visiting for you. Its serene environment during summer and snow-covered trees attracts many tourists here to enjoy this isolated natural beauty. There are some sacred places and temples in this valley, which can be reached by trekking only with the help of locals because those places are located in forest areas. Locals here in the valley are very polite and understand Hindi and Punjabi languages very well, however they communicate in the local language among themselves.

How to reach Tirthan Valley

Tirthan valley is located at a close distance of 38 Km from the beautiful town of Mandi in Himachal over the Delhi Manali highway (NH21). Hence you can reach Tirthan valley throughout the year by any mode of transport you prefer. This valley is very well connected with famous hill stations like Manali, and you can plan your trip accordingly. The district headquarter of Kullu is just 52 Km and Manali is at a distance of 92 km from here.

By Flight to Tirthan Valley

Because of proximity to Kullu, you can reach here at Tirthan valley by air comfortably. The nearest airport to this valley is Bhuntar airport at a distance of 45 km, with all-time taxi facilities available to commute. From the airport, you have to take a taxi or government bus to reach Tirthan valley and you will reach here in another one hour from the airport. The flight schedule depends on the prevailing weather at Kullu, hence you must check the schedule before planning your trip here.

By Train to Tirthan Valley

Being located at such a high altitude, you cannot expect to reach here by Rail. However, you can complete some portion of your itinerary by rail before reaching the valley. The nearest railway station to this valley is Chandigarh which is 270 km i.e at a 7-hour journey. From Chandigarh, you have to opt for taxi or bus services to reach here and you can find a lot of bus and private taxis plying on the Delhi Manali highway.

By Road to Tirthan Valley

The road is the most affordable and frequently taken medium by travellers here. As situated in close proximity to Delhi Manali Highway, you can access this place by road very conveniently. Chandigarh is at a distance of 225 km from here with a beautiful network of roads for you to visit this valley. You can get state-operated deluxe and ordinary buses to commute or else can catch Volvo buses transiting on daily basis. To access this valley, you have to deboard at the entry gate of Aut tunnel while going to Manali. From this point, you have to take a diversion for another 30 km, and the road for it will pass closely with Larji Dam.

Best time to visit Tirthan Valley

As far as weather concerns, the valley offers beautiful and pleasant weather throughout the year to enjoy. The summer season which starts from April onwards provides you with the natural beauty of the valley at its peak with the temperature remaining up to 25 degrees. While winter season will offer you a white blanket of snow over the trees and roads making nights further chilly and dropping temperature to sub-zero level. Monsoon season in the months of July-August should be avoided if possible, because of heavy rains and landslides being a major concern.

Things to do at Tirthan Valley


If you are a lover of orchards and want to live with this love then Janjehli is the best place for you to feel your love. It is a beautiful and isolated village located at a height of 2150 meters, around 94 Km from Mandi town. You will find many fruit orchards here around this village especially apples, Nashpati, Khumani, and Plume fruits. This village comes under Thunag district with Sundernagar as its closest town and offers you an untouched beauty of nature to feel and explore. This village has a famous Shikara Devi temple just 16 km from this village, which has high importance among devotees around. Goddess Shikara Devi is worshipped here in the form of a black stone idol beside many other religious idols present alongside in the temple. This temple is believed to be in existence since the Mahabharata era, is located on a hilltop surrounded by forest. The surprising fact about this temple is that idols are worshipped without a roof.


If you want to visit Kullu from the capital city of Shimla then you will cross through this tiny hamlet located beautifully in the Tirthan valley. You will find nature at its best form here in this village where arrangements of comfort made by trunks of olive trees. With very little human intervention, this charming place is the best offbeat destination for you to enjoy your weekend away from the hustle of the cities. The pollution-free atmosphere with deodar trees surrounded all the sides will surely make you fall in love with this place. Sloping mountains and snow-covered hills with green layers of nature spread up to Great Himalayan National Park. Magnificent hilltops and slides, waterfalls, fort, and many more things are located in the close vicinity. From the Aut tunnel, you have to drive for 40 km more to reach here through Banjar and Jibhi.

Jalori Pass

The Jalori pass is at a height of 3125 meters and it acts as a connecting link between Kullu and Shimla. This pass offers you panoramic views and great landscapes to spend some luxurious time. Pass also has one old temple where Lord Shiva and Budhi Nagin is being worshipped. You will get some refreshment options here at the pass, but to have a meal you are advised to go to nearby locations like Jibhi or Shoja. Both these beautiful locations are equidistant at 5 km from Jalori pass. You can trek for 5-6 Km to reach the beautiful and clear water Serolsar lake from the Jalori pass.

You can easily drive your vehicle up to the pass, but to reach the Serolsar lake, you have to park your vehicle at the Jalori pass and trek further. The leading road to Jalori pass is narrow and extremely steep, making it a bumpy ride and sometimes it becomes difficult to drive the car even in first gear. The pass opens in the second week of March and shuts down in December due to snowfall.


Once you are at Jalori pass, you must not miss trekking to this beautiful Serlosar Lake, located about 5 km from Jalori Pass. The trekking till the lake is quite moderate and you can reach here without any discomfort. It is advised to carry your own refreshments as there is one shop half a kilometre before the lake. This lake is situated at an altitude of 3100 meters and acts as the highest point of the valley. You will get a temple devoted to  Goddess ‘Budhi Naagin’here at the lake. As per legends, Goddess ‘Budhi Naagin’, the Mother of Snakes, resides in the Serolsar Lake. She is said to have two birds as companions in the vicinity, who jointly protect the lake, keeping it clean and pure. Moreover, it is also believed that the Pandavas visited this place during their exile.


Jibhi is another tiny hamlet nestled in the valley throwing the beauty of nature at its best form. Jibhi is 5 km from the famous Jalori pass and you can easily drive up to jibhi from any side. Jibhi is untouched beauty and becoming popular in recent years among travellers. A simple and homely environment provided by locals to you will not let you go. Jibhi has many things to do, like waterfalls, trekking, Bird watching, and camping, making you fall in love with nature. Beautifully located alongside the bank of a stream, you can spend luxury time here with your family. You can also enjoy fishing as well here at Jibhi, but before that, you must have a permit from a fisheries officer in Nagini village.

Jibhi Village in Tirthan Valley

Parvati Valley

Parvati Valley is situated in the Kullu District which is around 70 km from Tirthan valley. This valley got its name from the river Parvati which flows through the valley. The sacred Manikaran Sahib at a height of 1600 meters in this valley acts as a gateway to religious Importance, which is equally important for Hindu and Sikh religious people. Other locations to explore here are Tosh village, Kasol, Malana, and famous Kheer Ganga trekking. Parvati Valley is a perfect place to enjoy calm and fresh weather which become more enchanting by the riverside aroma of herbs. Parvati Valley is famous for its beauty, its culture with a blend of sweet Israeli people and its devotional importance for both Hindu and Sikh religious people. You can visit a dedicated blog on Parvati valley to explore it in detail.

Parashar Lake

The mystical Parashar lake is beautifully located at a distance of 70 Km from the Tirthan valley and can be easily accessed through Mandi town. This lake has religious as well as historical importance for the people around it. As per mythology, this lake was created by Pandavas post-Mahabharat war, and Bheem pushed the peak and denting the oval shape lake. This lake has a beautiful location with 80% water and 20% land component like a floating island in the water. Lake also has a 13th-century old temple in the honor of Rishi Prashar which has pagoda-style architecture. This temple was made by King Bhansen who was ruling the Mandi kingdom at that time in devotion to Rishi Parashar who was believed to meditated here. You can go camping and trekking like adventure activity around this iconic lake and explore the beauty further. You can visit this lake anytime in the year, but travelling in the winter season is difficult because of snow-covered mountains. It will take 4 to 5 hours of Trekking to reach this lake from Mandi, but you must adhere to important trekking tips and consult local experts before starting.

Hampta Pass

Hampta pass is a beautiful location if you are a trekking and adventure sports lover. This pass offers you the mesmerizing scenic beauty of mountains, lakes, and valleys to spend a beautiful time here. This place is must visit place for the photographers having a wide range of frames for them to capture and memorize. This trek usually lasts for four to five days and it starts from a village which is at a distance of one hour drive from Manali. From there, this trek runs along the river Hampta for some time followed by beautiful meadows and a valley. The Hampta Pass trek is moderate as per the difficulty level of trekking and can be accomplished by a beginner with a little bit of training.

Pandoh Dam

Pandoh Dam is a beautiful location for you to spend some peaceful time in the backdrop of a dam, once you plan your trip to the Tirthan valley. This dam is just 20 km from the valley and actually, you have to travel across this dam when coming from Mandi town to the valley. It is an embankment Dam built to generate hydroelectric power, lies in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, and constructed on the Beas River. The place is an ideal spot for picnics and is much cherished by families and kids.

Hotels in Tirthan valley

There are lots of options available for you to stay in the valley, but if possible try to explore the homestays option which will give you a feel of local culture. You can find good hotels in the hamlets like Jibhi, Shoja and Banjaar. You can book cheap hotels at convenient prices at these locations. Booking by online mode can be completed by paying through Plastic money like credit cards, but it is difficult to get a card facility to access in the valley. So it is highly recommended to go with sufficient cash, as ATM/ Card facilities are not expected there. You can find good accommodation options to stay in Jibhi, Shoja, Banjar and Gushaini village.

Services Available at Tirthan valley :

1. Mobile network  Yes of most of the operators

2. Bank/ATM – SBI small branch at Jibhi but for ATM NO 

3. Hospital No, but available in Mandi and Kullu 

4. Pharmacy/Medicals Yes

5. Restaurants Yes

6. Bars Yes Liquor shop is also available 

7. Automobile/Vehicle Repair Yes

8. Courier facility Yes 

9. Massage & Spa plus Saloons. No

10. Police Station No, but the small unit can be seen

Places to visit nearby Tirthan Valley

Manali – 72 Km

Parvati Valley – 72 Km

Spiti Valley – 246 Km

McLeodganj – 186 Km

Chandertaal – 150 Km

Small but Effective Tips

⇒ Always give attention to basic but important points while planning your trip and check the important things to carry on a trip with you.

⇒ Please adhere to simple but effective travel safety tips.

⇒ While planning trekking, you must go through 6 basic trekking tips.

⇒ Food and other required stuff are priced heavily at the isolated locations, hence it is recommended to carry sufficient stock.

⇒ Carry sufficient water and chocolates along in the trek to keep yourself energetic. Please keep filling your reusable water bottles from the waterfalls and streams you are going to cross during the trek. It will save your pocket and also it will save the environment in another way.

⇒ Don’t litter the place around you while at the peak or during the trekking, it is our moral duty to respect mother nature.

⇒ You must have enough cash available with you as there may be a non-availability of an ATM. Hence you should carry enough cash along with you prior.

⇒ No mobile network is available at the peak

⇒ You must carry a small travel medical kit with you on every trip to make you safe from small infections and allergies.

⇒ Try to have minimal weight in your backpack because a heavy load at the back can cause discomfort while trekking. You can go through a helpful guide to backpack for travel.

⇒Don’t throw Plastic and spoil the beauty of Hill station ( and U know Distilled water, Cold Drink Bottles are the main culprit)

⇒Please left this beauty for our next generation to enjoy as well

⇒Try to taste local foods wherever you go 

⇒Be polite with serving staff

⇒If time and your will permit, please help locals collect garbage thrown over there by visitors like us so that we can plan the same destination again.

⇒Hotels can be checked online but if possible please visit Hotel personally and then only proceed for payment (especially in the Offseason). If possible book your hotel using Plastic money like Credit Card or Debit Card.

⇒Check your Hotel room for any suspicious things like a Camera and all as frauds are on the peak so Don’t compromise with your personal safety.

⇒To take your Camera + additional batteries + memory cards to allow you to capture memorable moments forever without any glitches.

⇒Wherever needed please, Hire local Guides.

⇒Try to enjoy the time there and don’t just keep clicking images unnecessarily.

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