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Travel Medical Kit – Must carry-in trip

Travel Medical Kit – a complete guide

There are some basic medicines you must carry with you while planning a trip and should carry this travel medical kit along. The requirement of medicine depends on various factors like :

Do carry a perfectly planned Travel Medical Kit
R U carrying me to the trip with you

the activities you are going to perform in trip,

location of the selected destination for trip,

availability of medical assistance there at destination etc.

But very basic planning in terms of medical kit and what all things it must include will surely save you from the problem, consumption of time, needless tension, and will make your vacation hassle-free. Carrying a travel medical kit will be extremely helpful when in transit or visiting a destination where no expert in the medical field can be fetched.

Scope of this blog for writing about what all medicine can be used for what medical issue is very vast and moreover I am not qualified in prescribing the medicine to anyone. So do consult any medical expert before buying all the medicines and surely he will help you in choosing the right medicine for you. There is a number of medicines available in the market with the same salt and of different companies but to treat a medical issue salt is the main ingredient that you should focus upon.

So your Travel medical kit may have  medicines out of listed below and name indicated here are purely indicative and you can have other company product as well:

Common Fever : Paracetamol or Crocin

Cough : Phyto Releif Tablets and Glycodil Syrup

Cold : D-Cold total

Vomitting : Pepto-Bismol

Headache : Disprin

Stomach ache : Aspifast or Maharishi’s Amlant

Motion sickness : Meclizine

Dehydration : Electral powder or ORS

Loose Motion : Sporlac-DS

Pain Relief: Combiflam

Pain Relief spray : Volini or Moov

Anti Acid : Antacid

Anti Allergic : Citrazine

Throat Infections : Maliden

Insect Repellent : especially Mosquito

Antifungal Cream: Hiamalya Chiropex

Eye Drops: Tear Drops or Himalaya Opthcare


Ear Plugs or Defenders

Sunscreen : minimum SPF 30+



Elastic bandages



Eye glasses/Sunglasses

These medicines must be in addition to the regularly prescribed medicines. If you are under any treatment in the current then, in that case, you must carry your medical documents or prescription slip with you all the time. it will help the medical expert to suggest medical advice if any need arises in the trio or you feel so to take help.

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