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Triund Trekking- a perfect start for Beginners

Triund is a name for a small hill peak situated in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Triund peak is just 9km at a significant height from the gorgeous hill station of Mcleodganj near Dharamshala. Peak gives you awestruck access to the beauty of snow-capped  Dhauladhar ranges of the Himalaya.
Hill station of Mcleodganj is located at an altitude of 2000 meters in the Kangra district and it is easily accessible from the beautiful town of Dharamshala. Mcleodganj hill station is also known as a religious hub for the Buddhist community. Because of the presence of the Headquarter of the Dalai Lama here at Mcleodganj, you can find the maximum population following the Buddhist religion. This Hill station is widely popular for its heart locking landscapes, beautiful meadows, valleys, and trekking trails.

Triund Trek and its beauty

Triund trekking is the famous trail that originates from this very town itself and it will take another 10 km of you to reach the peak. Trekking trails to the peak is full of natural beauty with a lot of straight upside and turns. But if we talk in terms of accessibility among the trekking trails of the country, Triund trekking is considered as less difficult trekking.
Triund peak is the best place to spend some awesome moments with your dear ones in the leap of nature under the open sky with a tent over your head. Beautiful view of Dharamshala, Mcleodganj, and Kangra can be seen from the peak at night which will surely make your day.

Reasons why to choose Triund Trekking

1. Adorable views –
Triund Peak offers you adorable and panoramic views of the Kangra valley and Mcleodganj hill station from the altitude. The magnificent snow-capped  Dhauladhar range adds more beauty to your trekking reaching a peak. Also, the entire trekking route is full of beautiful terrain and greenery with oak trees at their best.

2. Difficulty level
Triund trekking is a bit easy trek as per the difficulty level and is suited for an immature trekker as well. Trek lasts for 4 to 5 hours with easy trails with some exceptions which makes it easy for a newbie trekker also.

3. Bhagsu waterfall
Bhagsunaag waterfall which is closeby to the trekking trail and tourists usually choose this as another destination to enjoy. The route to this waterfall passes through Bhagsunaag temple which has religious significance for local people. A small chilled water pond located in front of the temple is also a spot to enjoy for tourists.

4. Accessibility
Triund trek can be accessed within the weekend as it is situated close to Mcleodganj and this hill station is very well connected with Delhi by all three modes of transportation.

How to Reach Triund

Triund peak is easily accessible from all modes of transport till the hill town of Mcleodganj which is just 10Km from the peak. From the beautiful hill station of Mcleodganj, your trekking will start through a mesmerising valley and green track.

By Train to Triund

Triund can be accessed by Rail but the nearest Broad gauge railway station is at Pathankot which is situated 90 km away. There is no direct Rail connectivity to McLeodganj through which you can reach your destination. But the nearest railway stations on the narrow gauge are at Kangra and Nagrota which are about 25 km of Mcleodganj. Pathankot is well connected to Delhi and Chandigarh through trains on regular intervals.

For more information about train timings, you can contact @ 0186-2230175 to Station Superintendent at Pathankot Railway Station.

By Bus to Triund

Bus services are easily available from Delhi and Chandigarh to Dharamshala town. Delhi is around 535 km from here and you can easily get bus service from ISBT Delhi any time a day for Dharamshala town. The same Bus service will join through the city of Chandigarh to Dharamshala so you can catch a bus from Chandigarh as well. Apart from govt run bus services, many Volvo services available for visitors.

Biker Gang on the way to McLeodganj

It is the most common medium of transport used by the people, It is about 250 Km from Chandigarh and 485 km from Delhi. It takes about 10-11 hours of journey to reach McleodGanj from Delhi via bus, and there are regular bus services available from Delhi and Chandigarh every day on the route.

By Flight to Triund

The nearest airport to McLeodganj is Gaggal Aiport situated at Dharamshala, which is at around 10 Km from Mcleodganj. Gaggal Airport is well connected to Delhi and Chandigarh by Air on a regular basis with the services offered by Air India and SpiceJet Airways. The schedule for flights keeps on changing depending on prevailing weather at Dharamshala so it’s better to check prior boarding.

Best time to visit Triund

You will find the weather at Triund peak is all-time pleasant with the night temperature dipping to very low mercury. The peak is usually capped with snow during wintertime so it is not possible to access the location.
The best time for Triund trekking is the months of
May, June & September.

Camping at Triund Peak

Trekking in winter months can also be attempted, but surely it will have ita own different set of challenges. For example, the temperature usually drops down to negative at night while the maximum range will be around 10 degrees. So movement becomes very tough with an additional problem of deficiency in the logistic supply. Due to the snow at peak, you may find it difficult to fetch basic eatery items at peak and en route which usually available during the summer season.

How to reach Base camp

Triund trekking actually starts from a village named Dharamkot which is just 3 Km from Mcleodganj. Dharamkot village has its own charm for tourists because of its diverse floral beauty. You can reach Dharamkot easily by Taxi from Mcleodganj. An alternative way to reach here is by simple trek from the hill station, if you have booked your stay in Mcleodganj. It will take another maximum of one hour to reach Dharamkot.

From Dharamkot village, the total trekking trail left is 7 km and you will be witnessing Galu Temple on the way to your trek. From the village, you will be trekking for almost 3.5 to 5 hours to reach the peak if you do not take a long halt midway. Till the Galu Temple, the metal road is there so you can reach up to here with the help of a taxi as well and to proceed by trek further.
Trekking from Base Camp to Triund Peak
From the Galu temple, you have no option except trekking to reach the peak. As the peak is located at approx 2800 meter altitude, and you will find steep heights en route but well compensated with the small simple trails surrounded with Lush green Oak trees.

There is one check post just after the Galu temple, where you will be frisked for prohibited items during trekking. It is advisable not to bring any such items during the trek, which further create a nuisance and spoils your precious time. Further, it should be our moral responsibility to keep nature untouched and preserved for the next generations.
The option of light snacks can be explored Entourage to peak as two or three local very small shops are there where you can have noodles and tea.
The view at reaching a peak is totally breathtaking. You can enjoy the evening with the mesmerizing views of Kangra valley while dinner with an awesome night view of cities like Dharamshala and Mcleodganj.

How is the Trekking route

The trekking route to the Triund peak is a bit steep in a maximum of the portion but you will find some small patches of simple trek surrounded by green oak trees. If fortunate enough, you can enjoy small waterfalls during the trek. Especially the last portion of the trek (approx for 700 meters) is a bit tough, where an average person without much trekking experience can face difficulty.

View from Triund

Triund Peak offers you adorable and mesmerizing scenes of the snow-clad Dhauladhar range as it is the highest peak in the region of the Dharamshala region. On arrival to the peak, you will be surrounded by a beautiful and calm environment with a panoramic view of Kangra valley and Mcleodganj as well.
Sunrise and sunset time is the most beautiful time where Dhauladhar peaks will have a golden shine and make it perfect for landscape photography.

⇔ Please avoid carrying Plastic and Liquor to Triund Peak, because it is we who are responsible for spoiling the beauty of hill station.

⇔ Avoid trekking in Monsoon time as slippery stones can be harmful to the travelers.

⇔ Do not litter at the Peak.

Places to stay/reside in Triund

      If you starts early in the morning from McLeodganj, you can easily come back after visiting Triund Peak easily. But is recommended to make a stopover to enjoy the beautiful views of the peak. There are enough options available for you to reside while planning a trip to Triund. Camping at the peak will give you best experience of clear starry night with awesome view of Dharamshala and Mcleodganj.

You can book your hotels for stay or can camp at McLeodganj which is just 5-6 hours from the peak. Mcleodganj has enough options to reside and you can book cheap hotels online or offline while payments can be done through all available methods of Plastic money like Credit cards and others. There are many deluxe and luxury hotels also available in close proximity of Mcleodganj (within 1 km) where you can choose your stay.

  As you are going for trekking so you must be having camping arrangements with you because at the peak there is no facility for stay and you will have to stay in tents with sleeping bags only. If not, you can hire the tents and guides from Mcleodganj and return it back at a marginal rate.

If you are going for a trekking first time and dont have any prior information about how to attempt, you must follow 6 simple trekking tricks discussed in other blog.

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ Services Available at Triund Peak

As Triund peak is famous for trekking so it is not expected to find any services over there, but you will find one or two local huts over there which can feed you delicious rice with curry at night for dinner. Except for this, no other facility exists at the peak, and all other services available at Mcleodganj town.

1. Mobile network β€”β€” yes of most of the operators

2. Bank/ATM β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”-yes

3. Hospital β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” No (but Dharamshala has hospitals which are very near to it and easily approachable in an emergency)

4. Pharmacy/Medicals β€”β€”Yes

5. Restaurants β€”β€”β€”β€”-Yes

6. Bars β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”Yes Liquor shop is also available

7. Automobile/Vehicle Repair β€”β€”Yes

8. Courier facility β€”β€”Yes

9. Massage & Spa plus Saloons. β€”β€”Yes

10. Police Station β€”β€”Yes

11. Parking space —– yes at selected locations
12 Fuel Station —– yes, just 5 km downside

Marketing in Mcleodganj:-

                 The market remains open from 10AM to 9PM mostly and it will take around 3 to 4 hours to explore the market on foot. You can buy Singing bowls, Budhha praying flags, trekking gears, old coins, locally made clothes from the market.

* Local Tibetan Handicraft and art craft designs from Norbulingka Monastery

* Local syle jewelry from Roadside market or Kotwali Bazaar

* Books on Tibetan culture from a local roadside market

πŸ™†πŸ™†Planning a trip of week-long or more than that you can follow

Chandigarh-Kangra-Mcleodganj– Triund to Dalhousie-Khajjiar-Pathankot-Chandigarh

Nearby locations to Triund to enjoy:-

* Kangra 20 Km

* Dharamshala 09 Km

* Dalhousie 120 Km

* Khajjiar 145 Km

* Palampur 45Km

πŸ’­πŸ’­Worth to mention (please note):-

* Don’t throw Plastic and spoil the beauty of Hill station

* Please left this beauty for our next generation to enjoy as well

* Carry sufficient Cash in hand which will save you from some situations where no card facility exists

* Try to taste local foods wherever you go

* Be polite with serving staff

* If time and your will permit please help locals to collect garbages thrown over there by visitors like us so that we can think to plan same destination again

  • If at all somebody is thinking about what to do if stuck midway due to any reason from Chandigarh to Destination than let me assure you that there are enough staying options available on road till your destination.

πŸ’˜πŸ’˜At the end don’t forget

* To take your Camera + addition batteries + memory cards to allow you to capture memorable moments forever without any glitches.

* Wherever need please hire local guides

* Try to enjoy the time there and don’t just keep clicking images unnecessary.

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